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Just a little more personal info about our family since without us, there is no Lone Star Soap Barn!

Tim - Soap and Candle Maker, AMAZING Husband, Father, Writer, Author, Pastor, History Teacher......and so much more! He loves to fish and golf when he has the opportunity!

Lori - Everything-else-we-sell Maker, AMAZING Wife, Mother, School Teacher of 7th and 10th grade boys, basketball mom, and so much more! She loves to walk through TJ Maxx alone for hours and sing the 70's and 80's songs, even if she leaves empty-handed!

Benjamin - Packaging, Stocking, Website Design & Website Mgr., Brilliant Movie Director and Producer, INCREDIBLE Basketball player, Writer, and so much more! He loves to imagine and create! and build Lego sets!

Josiah - Production Asst., Inventory Mgmt., Shipping Asst., PHENOMENAL Fix anything guy, Fantastic Athlete, Gentleman of all Gentlemen, Executive Assistant to our family, and so much more! He loves to play for hours using his imagination and listen to music!

We are The Stone Family and we love each other for who we are, more than for what we do! It is our pleasure to make products that you enjoy!

This is our family business~

Lone Star Soap Barn

It all started on our honeymoon in the Canadian Rockies many years ago. Upon arrival to our cabin in the woods, we were given a nice basket of soap products. This was our first experience with homemade soaps and bath salts. It was love at first sniff! We visited the town in Canada where they made these luscious products and bought some Christmas presents to take home! Lori asked if they would be interested in distributing in America, but they were keeping it Canadian!


Over the years we purchased homemade soap products many times from many places. The Canadian Rockies, the Colorado Rockies, the Smoky Mountains and all throughout New England. Each time, we would talk about how we would love to make these soaps ourselves. So, finally after years of talking and years of dreaming, we made the leap and the LONE STAR SOAP BARN was born. Coming up with a name was not a difficult task as Montgomery, TX serves as the birthplace of the flag that flies over our great Lone Star State.


We began making soaps over six years ago and we must admit we love the fragrance that fills the house on ‘soap makin’ days! We soon added lip balm and then came bath salts and lotions. Next came sugar scrubs and how amazing they are!!! Last year we added beard oil and shaving soaps for men! Lori and Josiah love the new homemade skin salve for minor cuts and burns!! Yep, we don't sell you anything that we don't try ourselves! This year we made an after-sun lotion that is absolutely luscious for your skin!


We're hooked. We personally use all of our products,  and we can't live without them. We believe you'll feel the same way once you've tried them yourselves. It is our pleasure to share these rich, skin loving products with you. We are confident that you will enjoy them every time you use them. Thank you for allowing us to add just a little something special to your lives!

Tim, Lori, Benjamin and Josiah

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